Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hallo Yapenbit College, buat kamu yang kreatif dan suka Otak Atik Blog atau menganggap paling hebat dalam SEO, Yuk ikutan Kontes SEO, Kontes terbuka khusus untuk Anggota Yapenbit College, simak aturan mainnya ya sebelum ikutan.

Periode Kontes:

Kontes dimulai pada saat Pengumuman ini di buat dan Kontes ditutup 17 Agustus 2014.
1.       Pemenang diumumkan pada tanggal 25 Austus 2014


1.       Peserta Boleh membuat lebih dari satu blog.
2.       Peserta harus mendaftarkan setiap blog yang diikuti, karena jika blog tidak terdaftar walapun menang tidak diakui.  
3.       Peserta merupakan Anggota Yapenbit, dan Setiap Anggota Yapenbit WAJIB mengikuti kontes ini atau akan di kenakan sanksi.
4.       Pendaftaran tidak dipungut biaya.

Peraturan Teknis :

1.       Peserta wajib menggunakan “Belajar Komputer Gratis 3 Tahun di Yapenbit ” sebagai judul artikel
2.       Peserta bebas menggunakan website dengan domain sendiri ataupun blog, boleh blog yang masih baru atau blog yang sudah lama.
3.      Peserta wajib membuat artikel yang asli, yaitu artikel tentang YAPENBIT COLLEGE.
4.      Peserta Wajib Membuat Konten Minimal 300 kata.
5.      Peserta yang menggunakan artikel Copy Paste (COPAS) dari peserta lain akan di diskualifikasi.
6.      Peserta wajib memasang dua buah foto: 1 foto famplet yapenbit dan 1 foto kegiatan Yapenbit dia artikel yang dilombakan, foto tersebut boleh koleksi pribadi atau diambil dari facebook yapenbit.
7.       Dilarang mengisi konten atau artikel dengan kata-kata, gambar, ataupun video yang mengandung SARA, pornografi atau tindakan yang melanggar hukum dan tidak sesuai dengan tema yang dilombakan.
8.       Untuk memperkuat SEO Postingan, Peserta dibolehkan melakukan publikasi artikel ke akun social media yang dimiliki seperti Facebook, Twitter, Google+,

Metode Penjurian :

·         Penentuan pemenang berdasarkan skoring peringkat di mesin pencari serta kualitas konten/artikel, dan telah memenuhi syarat lomba.
·         Blog yang tidak terdaftar walaupun menang tidak akan dianggap.
·         Cuma blog yang terdaftar yang akan dinyatakan menang.
·         Juri memiliki wewenang mutlak atas penentuan pemenang dan tidak dapat diganggu gugat.

Catatan :

Apabila terdapat peserta yang melakukan copy paste artikel peserta yang lain, Anda bisa melaporkan hal ini ke Panitia, boleh melalui Inbox Facebook atau berjumpa langsung.

Monday, 28 April 2014

How to Grow Weed Indoors Fast Step by Step

How to Grow Weed Indoors Fast Step by Step

This is How to Grow Weed Indoors Fast Step by Step and cheap

This is an amateur's best manual for developing cannabis that places everything in plain and basic English, and doesn't dive to deep into progressed planting.  This is one of the best novice's manual for developing cannabis plants out there. 


 Growing  cannabis  inside  is quick  getting to be  an  American Pastime.  The reasons of How to Grow Weed Indoors Fast Step by Step are differed.  With the expanded investment and experimentation in cannabis plant development, it was certain that individuals would apply their learning of plant forethought to developing  cannabis.  Many  of the individuals who periodically get a kick out of the chance to light up a joint may think that it troublesome to place a source or are reluctant to manage a maybe obnoxious component of  pop culture  in  acquiring their grass.  There is, obviously, the criminal part of purchasing or offering  grass;  Growing  cannabis is only  as  illicit  as purchasing, offering, or smoking it, however developing is something you can do  in the security of your own home without needing to  bargain  with somebody  you don't know or trust.  The best reason  for  developing your own particular is the delight you will escape viewing those modest little  you chose of you stash, grow and turn into the absolute most flawless and lavish of all cannabis plants. 

Anybody Can Do It 

 Even  if  you haven't had any related knowledge  with developing cannabis plants in you home, you can have a fruitful yield of cannabis plants by  emulating the basic headings in this flyer.  If you have had  issues in the past with cannabiscultivation,  you may discover the results  in the accompanying sections.  Growing a cannabis plant includes four essential steps:  

1.  Get the seeds.  If you don't recently have some, you can ask your companions to spare you seeds out of any great grass they may go over.  You'll find that loads of individuals as of recently have a seed gathering or something to that affect and are eager to part with  a couple of  prime seeds in return for a portion of the completed item. 

2.  Germinate the seeds. You can basically drop a seed into clammy soil, however  by sprouting the seeds first you might make certain that  the seed will undoubtedly generate a  plant.  To  develop seeds,  place a gathering of them between about six soggy  paper towels, or in the pores of a wet wipe.  Leave the towels or  wipe  sodden  however not splashing  wet.  Some  seeds  will sprout in 24 hours while others may take a few days  or even a week. 

3.  Plant the sprouts.  As soon as a seed airs out and starts to grow, place it on some wet soil and sprinkle a little soil over the highest point of it. 

4.  Supply  the plants with light.  Fluorescent lights are  the  best.  Hang the lights with two inches of the dirt and after the plants show up over the ground,  keep on keepping the lights with two inches of the plants.  It is as simple as that.  If  you  take after  those four steps you  will  develop  a  cannabis  plant.  To guarantee prime quality and the  most elevated yield in the briefest time period,  on the other hand,  a couple of  points of interest are important. How to Grow Weed Indoors Fast Step by Step


 Your prime concern,  in the wake of picking excellent  seeds,  is the dirt.  Use the best soil you can get.  Scrimping on the dirt doesn't  pay off in the long run.  If you utilize unsterilized  soil you will more likely than not discover parasites in it, presumably after it is so late there is no option transplant your cannabis.  You can discover superb soil available to be purchased at your neighborhood plant shop or  nursery,  K-Mart,  Wal Mart, and even some markets.  The dirt you utilize ought to have these properties for the best conceivable outcomes:  

1.  It ought to empty well.  That is, it ought to have some sand in it and additionally some wipe rock or pearlite. 

2.  The  ph ought to be between 6.5 and 7.5 since  cannabis  does not do well in acidic soil.  High acridity in soil sways the plant to be dominatingly male, an undesirable attribute. 

3.  The  soil ought to additionally hold humus for  holding  dampness and supplements. 

 If you need to make your dirt mixture,  you can utilize this formula:  Mix  two  parts greenery with one part sand  and  one part  pearlite or wipe rock to every four gallons of soil.  Test your dirt  for  ph  with  litmus paper or  with  a  soil  testing  unit 

accessible at most plant stores.  To raise the ph of the dirt, include 1/2 lb.  lime to 1 cubic foot of soil to raise the ph one  point. 

On the off chance that  you  completely  demand utilizing soil you dug  up  from  your garage,  you  must disinfect it by heating it in your  broiler  for 60 minutes at 250 degrees.  Be certain to saturate it  altogether first  and additionally plan yourself for a fast clearing  of  your 

kitchen in light of the fact that that hot soil is going to stink.  Now add to the mixture  something like one tablespoon of compost (like Rapid-Gro)  for every gallon  gallon of soil and mix it in completely.  Better  yet, simply  skip  the entire process and use a couple  bucks  on  some dirt. 


 After you have arranged your dirt,  you will need to think or something to that affect of holder to plant in.  The holder ought to be disinfected also,  particularly on the off chance that they have been utilized at one time for developing different plants.  The span of the holder has an extraordinary 

arrangement to do with the rate of development and general size of the plant.  You  ought to  anticipate transplanting your plant not more  than  one  time,  since  the procedure of transplanting could be a stun to  the  plant  and  it will need to experience a recuperation  period  in  which  development  is impede or even ceased for a short while.  The  first compartment you utilize ought to be no bigger than six inches in width and  can  be made of earth  or  plastic.  To  transplant,  essentially set up the bigger cannabis by filling it with soil and scooping out a little  opening about the span of the more diminutive cannabis that the plant  is in.  Turn the plant upside down, cannabis and all, and tap the edge of the cannabis pointedly on a counter or the edge of the sink.  How to Grow Weed Indoors Fast Step by Step

How to Grow Weed Indoors Fast Step by Step

Without light,  the plants can't develop.  In the nations in  which cannabis develops best,  the sun is the wellspring of light.  The 

sum  of  light and the length of the developing season  in  these  nations  brings about colossal tree-like plants.  In most  parts  of 

North America,  on the other hand,  the sun is not by and large exceptional enough  for  long  enough times of time to transform the  same  size  and  nature of plants that develop without hardly lifting a finger in Latin America and  other  tropical  nations.  The response to the issue of absence of  sun,  particularly in the winter months, shortness of the developing season,  and different issues is to develop indoor under reenacted  conditions.  The dependable guideline appears to be the all the more light, the better.  In one  test we know of, eight-foot VHO Gro-Lux apparatuses were  utilized in excess of eight plants.  The plants developed at a surprising rate.  The lights must be raised consistently.  There are numerous sorts  of  simulated  light  and every one of them do diverse  things  to  your  plants.  The  basic brilliant light emanates some  of  the  frequencies of light the plant can utilize,  yet it likewise discharges a high  rate  of far red and infra-red light which cause the  plant  to focus its development on the stem.  This effects in the plant  extending  to  the light until it gets to be so  tall  and  spindly  that  it simply pitifully topples over.  There  will be  a few  brands  of knob sort.  One is the radiant plant spot  light  which emanates higher measures of red and blue light than the  basic  light.  It is a change,  however has it disservices.  it is  hot,  for  sample,  and  can't be set near  the  plants.  Consequently,  the  plant need to extend upwards again and is  in  risk of getting stretched and falling over.  The red groups of  light  appear  to energize stem development which is not  alluring  in  developing cannabis.  the thought is to empower foliage development  for  clear  reasons.  Gro-Lux lights are presumably the  most  normal  fluorescent plant lights.  we would say with them, they have 

turned out to be amazingly successful.  They go in size  from one to eight feet long so you can set up a developing room  in  a  wardrobe or a warehouse.  There are two  sorts  of  Gro-Lux  lights:  The standard and the wide range.  They could be utilized as a part of  conjunction with on an alternate, however the wide range lights are not  sufficient on their own.  The wide range lights were outlined  as a supplementary light source and are less expensive than the standard  lights.  Wide range lights radiate the same groups of light as the  standard  however the standard discharge higher centralizations of red  and  blue  groups  that the plants need to  develop.  The  wide  range  lights additionally transmit infra-red, the impact of which on stem development we  have generally examined.  If you are wanting to develop on a  expansive  scale,  you  may  be  intrigued  to  know  that  the  normal  flourescent  lights  and  installations,  the sort  that  will be  utilized  within  business lighting, work well when utilized alongside standard Gro- Lux lights.  These business lights are called cool whites, and  will be  the  least expensive of the flourescent lights we  have  said.  They  transmit  to the extent that light as the Gro-Lux principles  and  the  blue light is the thing that the plants use in foliage development. 

 Now we go to the inquiry of power.  Both the standard  and  wide  range lights come  in  three  intensities:  consistent  yield,  high yield,  and high yield.  You can develop a pleasant  crop  of  plants under the normal yield lights and  likely  be  truly fulfilled by our outcomes.  The distinction in utilizing the HO  or  VHO lights is the time it takes to develop a product.  Under a  VHO  light,  the  plants develop at a rate that is about three  times  the  rate  at which they develop under the standard lights.  People  have  been  known to get a plant that is four feet tall in  two  months  under one of these lights.  Under the VHO lights, one may need to  raise the lights consistently which implies a development rate of consumed slightest  two  inches a day.  The main disadvantage is the cost of the  VHO  lights and installations.  The VHO lights and apparatuses are very nearly twice  the cost of the standard.  If you are intrigued by our sentiment,  they are well worth the trouble.  Now that you have your lights  up,  you  could be interested about the measure of light to provide for you plants for every  day.  

The development date of your plants is subject to what amount of  light they get for every day.  The more drawn out the dim period for every day,  the sooner the plant will blossom.  Generally talking,  the  less  dim  for every  day  the better throughout the first  six  months  of  the  vegetation's.  The more seasoned the plant is before it blossoms and  goes  to  seed,  the  better the grass will be.  After  the  plant  will be  permitted  to  sprout,  its  metabolic rate is abated  so  that  the  plant's  quality does not expand with the age at the same  rate  it did before it sprouted.  The thought,  then,  is to let the plant  get  as old as would be prudent before permitting it to develop so that  the  intensity will be a high as could be allowed at the time of  harvest.  One  generally  beyond any doubt approach to keep your plants from blossoming until  you  will be  prepared  for  them is to leave the lights  on  all  the  time.  Occasionally  a plant will feel free to blossom in any case,  however it  will be  the  exemption instead of the principle.  How to Grow Weed Indoors Fast Step by Step.

If your plants get  12  hours  of  light for every day they will likely develop in  2  to  2.5  months.  If they get 16 hours of light for every day they will most likely  be sprouting in 3.5 to 4 months.  With 18 hours of light for every day,  they will blossom in 4.5 to 5 months.  Its a great thought to put your  lights  on  a clock to guarantee that the measure of  light  accepted  every day remains consistent.  An "excursion" clock, regularly used to  make it seem as though you are home while you are away,  works  pleasantly  and could be found at most equipment or markdown stores.